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Parts pricing defects caused by price-fixing
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Afford a car, but you can afford not to change accessories!
You tried the 4S shop car repair "seeking discount", but the result is often the sentence:. "Sorry, man-hour fee can be discounted, but the price of spare parts manufacturers given the" current, "auto brand sales management approach "under the provisions of the car manufacturer, has monopoly rights on product sales and channels for China's millions of car owners have been passive consumption of expensive parts. & nbsp; thematic text / Deng Li & nbsp; Figure / Xinhua News Agency issued
parts of the total amount is higher than the price!
Jetta, Santana has been cheap in China's reputation, sales are "evergreen", the biggest reason is because of easy maintenance, spare parts cheap, just go and repair works can be found in the applicable parts. However, these two cars are the 4S shop, but most do not make money for the car - no sale profits. Also a spare parts repair, auto repair shop 4S shop is much lower total cost of 40% or even more than half.
If each car like the Jetta, Santana maintenance so cheap, so 4S stores have closed down the loss, automobile manufacturers also can not go on. For most brands on the market, the owner must accept the fact that: go outside the repair shop can not find the "original parts" service, with the so-called "deputy plant parts" cheap but do not worry. If you go to the 4S shop with original pieces, the price is more expensive on a big cut.
Previously, Zhengzhou a crown for being the front blisters, 4S shop all repaired offer is 390,000 yuan, while the price of the car itself, but only 330,000 yuan! On the list of circuit boards, computer module and circuit related thereto must change, light electrical accessories category doing 4S stores offer more than 20 million, of which a sound assembly, offer nearly 75,000 yuan! This allows owners to sigh: affordable car, but can not afford to change can not afford to repair parts! In this regard, 4S shop staff expressed sympathy but no way: "Parts prices are not discussed, because manufacturers are given!"
Consumer: passive consumption expensive spare parts
4S shop price, manufacturers have been expressly regulations. The car manufacturers of the parts of the control channels and monopolies, consumers had to passive consumption "expensive spare parts." A joint US and European brands 4S store parts procurement department head told reporters: Parts factory for automobile manufacturing companies supporting the processing of parts, automotive manufacturers on the basis of the ex-factory price of 30% increase supply to the 4S shop, 4S shop for profit in the factory acquiescence also increase 30% or more owners to sell, eventually 4S shop owners to sell accessories, ex-factory price than doubling itself. Leaving consumers can not afford injuries are: time charge can also play eight-10%, but the price of spare parts are stiff in each 4S shop sale shop Ting.
More vehicle manufacturers based on the characteristics of Chinese consumer spending and strengthen "the original is good quality" image 4S shop in the aftermarket. Especially in some large maintenance projects, consumers are willing to believe that the 4S shop service, spare parts quality is more reassuring. On this basis, the service inside the car manufacturers treaty, there is a so that consumers had to "obey" requirement: a new car if a problem occurs within the warranty period, if not in the 4S shop maintenance, unused original parts repair, car brand is the right not to fulfill warranty obligations, but can not provide warranty Services. Of course, the car manufacturers have also something to say: This is a maintenance problem for brand reputation, quality, and three bags of standard products, but also to prevent counterfeiting bring.
Source: suppliers, distributors, manufacturers were "strict control"
Guangzhou, a large chain of high-end car repair shop of Mr. Zhang told reporters: Currently, a strong car brand manufacturers require foreign suppliers can not supply parts, so like they can not get this kind of basic maintenance plant called "original parts", can only use good quality deputy plant parts to replace, for some high-end luxury cars, is "to repair substitution" to reduce maintenance costs for consumers.
Reporter noted that the current domestic auto parts suppliers, in addition to Bosch, Delphi and other large foreign parts enterprises have the strength to compete with the car manufacturers, the majority of small and medium sized parts supplier after signing an agreement with the car manufacturers, the basic can no longer sell the corresponding foreign parts. Of course, parts suppliers Óпà˵²»³ö: If car manufacturers supply foreign suppliers without permission, will not only be punished, but also supporting qualifications canceled at any time. Insiders said that China's auto manufacturers in the automotive retail and ancillary in fact belong to the absolute market dominance. Foreign car manufacturers are not allowed in the upstream supply agreement parts suppliers and downstream distributors strictly not allowed to use deputy plant parts, one to be punished by the violation.
Course, in order to avoid the risk of monopoly, rainy day, in recent years, car manufacturers in the country are also forced to sell a certain percentage of parts of the community. But at the same time, in order to more standardized auto parts sources, many manufacturers are more active in the supply of spare parts distribution centers, such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes and other brands in the East, West, South and other places of parts distribution centers have been have been put into operation.
Reflection: institutional defects in parts price "monopoly" profits how to regulate the price of auto parts? Regulation can be placed in which part? At present, no one can not give an answer, because the existing "auto brand sales management approach" institutional shortcomings, the car brand on the brand product price can be described as a complete monopoly. In particular, the problem is more serious than vehicle sales is that most manufacturers of spare parts sales channels monopoly. Zhang told reporters: "At present, auto parts car manufacturers vertical monopoly prices, resulting in the maintenance process, consumers have to pay high maintenance costs of spare parts, this is related to the vital interests of the majority of car owners do."
All along, "auto brand sales management approach" (the "Measures") provides automotive suppliers terminal circulation dealer has a direct constraints. Especially for non-car brand marketing authorization or do not have the operating conditions of the enterprise, not a car resources.
Insiders said the "measures" and "exclusive license and distribution" is the monopoly of pretext, the dealer can be achieved by new car prices and spare parts pricing and limit to get profits.
In fact, this year, with the increase in cases of car complaints about the quality of automotive aftermarket maintenance problems frequently exposed, especially the part of the 4S shop even charge original pieces deputy plant parts sneak problem leaving consumers helpless. It is reported that the Ministry of Commerce recently is actively considering amending the "auto brand sales management approach" (the "Measures") of. The price of automotive parts and channels "monopoly" How to solve, so that China's increasingly large car owners can afford to open the car, more affordable to repair, which is the relevant departments should be investigations.
Reporter learned that, although national regulations vary, but the US auto auto parts stores rarely carry out sales and maintenance, in the US you can buy a variety of supermarket brands of auto parts; and in the Europe, the EU regulations do not allow more car manufacturers by mode or 3S 4S store sales and maintenance of monopoly market auto parts, 4S shop can not do the exclusive agent, and must be responsible for more than two car brand sales and repair operations.
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"three guarantees" the implementation of quality parts prices
"Auto Warranty" for car manufacturers and car dealers proposed a new test, the quality of products made more stringent Claim. Especially auto parts quality problems caused allow car dealers in spare parts procurement risk increases. Currently the installation of quality and after-sales maintenance has been a major source of profit car brand 4S stores, spare parts dealers generally plans to raise product prices, to avoid loss of profits. Three bags in front of the car to be implemented in October, many spare parts suppliers are faced with a new problem: auto 4S shops selling price will be made to re-adjust the price increase of 10% or even higher.
Reporter learned from the dealer, there are a large dealer group purchasing department is planning for its various 4S shop boutique re-tender. In order to avoid the risk of automobile quality automotive supplies, accessories brought the first elements of the tender, namely to see whether to buy the product vendor product liability insurance, while suppliers will take a more rigorous assessment. For these reasons, the purchase costs are relatively higher, the retail price will naturally increase.
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