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This year's slowdown in demand for Canadian auto parts market
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"Canadian auto parts industry has experienced strong growth last year after slowing down this year, the industry believes that it is involved in the end of last fall carmakers demand early & nbsp.;
Hugo has learned from the media recently reported that Canada, the Conference Board of Canada recently released a report that has experienced strong growth in 2012, the Canadian auto parts manufacturing industry will slow down significantly this year, but may rebound next year. & nbsp; responsible person
council Michael & nbsp; Burt said, involved the end and beginning of this year to reduce automobile manufacturers demand for Canadian auto parts manufacturing output grew by only 0.1 percent this year, but with the US auto sales to resume next year before the recession level, will drive the next few years, the Canadian auto parts production, its production is expected to increase next year by 5.5%. & nbsp;
He predicted that Canada's auto parts industry this year, pre-tax profit of 1.16 billion Canadian dollars, but far higher than the level before the recession. & nbsp; Since
2002, the US market share of Canadian auto parts industry is gradually being taken away business rivals Mexico. So Canada insiders warned that the North American automotive assembly are from the Midwest and Ontario moved to the southern US states and Mexico, in the long run, would harm the development of Canadian auto parts manufacturing. "
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