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Auto 4S shops, boutiques brewing prices
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Tesla did not know that you are embarrassed to say that they are investors, the focus of the Tesla electric car, whether a product, change the world? Although questioned by many people, but the product performance impressed many North American automotive professional media, plus brand "repair does not make money," "do not charge money," the vision, but it is exceptionally shocked the industry. Next, the luxury brand price entry model approximation Tesla products will also be available, automotive bigwigs, you are electrically yet?
10 ÔÂ 1 Japanese Automobile Warranty policy will be formally implemented, insiders pointed out that more than 90 percent of auto 4S shop will re-tender the car after loading supplies. Currently, the brand 4S stores have at least 30% of the parts procurement from the accessories market, that is, more than a third of the original car accessories in line with industry standards, but not necessarily in line with the brand of the original requirements related to safety auto parts suppliers will face a strict barriers to entry. Warranty policy's introduction, is more likely to lead to the 4S shop business risk will be transferred to consumers, directly reflects the quality installation, price and accessories, the dealer will lost profits due to product quality problems caused by the occurrence, passed on to the consumers.
Returned risk transfer 4S shop accessories price bullish formation of a supply relationship with a own brand of domestic oil supplier, recently found difficulty with each other continue to supply begins to increase. Although, due to the contract has not expired early in the implementation of three packs a few months later, he still could be other suppliers, but where to go after the contract expires, is still unknown. The vendor told reporters that the brand of oil in the sales price 4S shop has begun to re-adjust the price increase at least 10%. In this regard, a local dealer group purchasing department official said, due to the increased risk of 4S shop accessories procurement, therefore, will be reserved for dealers operating losses in this area, and directly reflects the higher prices of products, in order to avoid loss of profits in this area. According to a luxury brand accessories
procurement manager for the brand, for example, has been due to the cost of imported parts procurement is too high, there is more than one-third more than the aftermarket parts procurement from local. These purchases deputy plant parts though not in terms of quality problems, also in line with their respective industry standards, but not up to the requirements of the original brand. As the car three bags of product quality made stringent requirements, the risk exists, deputy plant parts dealer purchases also increased, once the product quality problems, it will seriously affect the reputation of their brand, so the dealer can only increase as accessories, boutique price way to reduce business risk and make up for lost profits procurement cost is too high to bring this aspect.
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